Doodling vs Zentangle

If you ever wondered about the difference between Zentangle and Doodle, here’s the answer:

Thank you Meredith Yuhas, and Marizaan for sharing!

As per official dictionary definitions Zentangle is in fact not doodling.

Doodling vs Zentangle

Doodling (from dictionary definitions):
1. Mindless
2. Aimless
3. Unfocused
4. Used as a distraction
5. Done while doing something else
6. Getting lost in a daydream
7. Unstructured/chaotic
8. Foolish activity

1. Mindful
2. Done with intent
3. Focused
4. Purposeful
5. Sole activity
6. Attention in the moment
7. Structured process
8. Helpful activity

But! I must add that I’m not sure that I agree with doodling being unfocused and a foolish activity. How is doodling foolish? It is creative and it even helps people to pay attention.

Zentangle: Floral

And here it is, in fact completed:


This was the fastest that I have completed a drawing! Then again, I would call this particular drawing a sloppy work. But I shall go ahead and stick my head in the sand and blame the cold that I have ;) Though, to be honest – I was more interested in the actual drawing than the end result itself. It is good to draw as much as one can I think, if I wish to exercise my imagination and the control of the pen.

Besides the tangle patterns that I had used and listed here, these are the ones that I have used as well: Bulb lantern, Yincut, Hibred, Fungees, Unyun, Cruffle and Camelia.

Zentangle: Phantasmagoria, nearly done

This is how far I’ve come with my latest drawing:


I think we can all agree on that I certainly do not draw fast ;-) My excuse is that over the last week I had to work quite a lot in my apartment that is currently being renovated. I was hoping that I would have moved back during the weekend, but nooo… the renovation carries on and I am even doubting that the renovation will be done during this week. I cannot enough express how much I miss my home, my privacy, solitude… plain peace and quiet! But as they say – good things come to those who wait.

I keep on waiting and keep on drawing! What is left with Phantasmagoria is the shading. Also, I think the drawing looks a tad sparse on its right side. Not sure whether or not to draw some more or to just leave it be… I’ll know by the time I have the shading done.

Tangled Doodles

Today and tomorrow the e-book (Kindle edition) Tangled Doodles is available for free at Amazon.


Tangled doodles is an art form where there are no mistakes, only opportunities while producing art that allows relaxation, meditation, increased focus, and lessens the everyday stresses of life. No experience is necessary to tangle, hjust a willingness to try. The benefits of daily mindful tangling are great and can help move everyone toward a healthier lifestyle. Young and old alike can benefit from tangling.

You can find free Kindle Reading apps, available for download here.

Zentangle: Icosahedron

I had to make pause in my current Zentangle, because a fellow Zentangle artist in Facebook had posted a picture of a icosahedron that she had tangled and I thought it looked so awesome that I had to tangle one for myself. And here’s the result:

You can find the template for the icosahedron: here

And here’s what it looked like after I had tangled the template, but before the assembly:

A big thank you to Samantha Taylor at Zentangle Eccentric, for her brilliant idea!

Edit: Here is the list of tangle patterns that I used in the icosahedron:

Top row, left to right:

Sugarcane, Sonia, Shattuck, Opposites, Dot Grid

Middle row, left to right:

Wisket, Scallops, Wavz, Loops, Munchin, Ebb, RadarCrown, Atorm (I cannot find the  original site for this pattern, it is nowhere to be found on the net… as far as I can see. So I will post the instructions in this blog), Leaflet, Sand Swirl

Bottom row, from left to right:

Yincut, Crescent Moon, Groovy, Hurry, Cubine

Draught: Ship in a bottle

I haven’t had much time to draw lately (due to various reasons, such as my apartment currently being renovated), which is a pain. I would like to spend at least a few hours per day to draw, though nowadays I am glad if I get to draw for a few hours per week. Once I got the wonderful opportunity to draw I realised that I cannot get into it wholeheartedly and what came out during my latest sketch was this:

And I was like “What the heck am I drawing!?” This was’nt really what I was picturing in my mind, but this is also one of the fun parts about my kind of drawing – I never quite know what will come out of it. I am not sure how many draughts that in an early stage end up in my archive of drawings-to-continue-drawing-later, but I will stop drawing on this one now and off into the archive it goes. I will mention that the tangle pattern that I have used for the sea creature’s skin is named Tagh, click on the following link for further information: How to draw TAGH.

Now I shall ponder on a new Zentangle, something entirey different and more inspiring, and hopefully get loads of time to draw on it today and then for the rest of the week, I have a whole unplanned weekend lying ahead! And maybe I’ll get back to the “ship in a bottle” later, perhaps it’ll appear more inspiring by then ;-)

Here we go!

Hello there! If you have’nt read my About page, then naturally you are most welcome to do so. There I have scribbled an introduction to this new blog.

I wanted to start off by getting my Zentangles uploaded to this blog before I continue blogging. You know, just to have it all gathered in one place, in this virtual nook of mine. So in the posts below you will find my twelve Zentangles listed. I must admit to be a very slow drawer, these twelve Zentangles are what I have produced since June this year, when I was introduced to Zentangle and reintroduced to drawing.

I haven’t provided much information with these twelve drawings, but will in the future include sketches that precede a Zentangle. Also list the name of the tangle patterns that I use in each drawing. Simply share a little more information about the process that has been surrounding any of my future drawings.

Zentangles are listed chronologically, with the oldest at the bottom.