Doodling vs Zentangle

If you ever wondered about the difference between Zentangle and Doodle, here’s the answer:

Thank you Meredith Yuhas, and Marizaan for sharing!

As per official dictionary definitions Zentangle is in fact not doodling.

Doodling vs Zentangle

Doodling (from dictionary definitions):
1. Mindless
2. Aimless
3. Unfocused
4. Used as a distraction
5. Done while doing something else
6. Getting lost in a daydream
7. Unstructured/chaotic
8. Foolish activity

1. Mindful
2. Done with intent
3. Focused
4. Purposeful
5. Sole activity
6. Attention in the moment
7. Structured process
8. Helpful activity

But! I must add that I’m not sure that I agree with doodling being unfocused and a foolish activity. How is doodling foolish? It is creative and it even helps people to pay attention.

Zentangle: Floral

And here it is, in fact completed:


This was the fastest that I have completed a drawing! Then again, I would call this particular drawing a sloppy work. But I shall go ahead and stick my head in the sand and blame the cold that I have ;) Though, to be honest – I was more interested in the actual drawing than the end result itself. It is good to draw as much as one can I think, if I wish to exercise my imagination and the control of the pen.

Besides the tangle patterns that I had used and listed here, these are the ones that I have used as well: Bulb lantern, Yincut, Hibred, Fungees, Unyun, Cruffle and Camelia.

Zentangle: Phantasmagoria, nearly done

This is how far I’ve come with my latest drawing:


I think we can all agree on that I certainly do not draw fast ;-) My excuse is that over the last week I had to work quite a lot in my apartment that is currently being renovated. I was hoping that I would have moved back during the weekend, but nooo… the renovation carries on and I am even doubting that the renovation will be done during this week. I cannot enough express how much I miss my home, my privacy, solitude… plain peace and quiet! But as they say – good things come to those who wait.

I keep on waiting and keep on drawing! What is left with Phantasmagoria is the shading. Also, I think the drawing looks a tad sparse on its right side. Not sure whether or not to draw some more or to just leave it be… I’ll know by the time I have the shading done.